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Kingdom of God
01 Why Truth Matters with Richard Wilkinson download
02 What Is the Kingdom of God with Victor Gluckin download
03 Objections to the Kingdom with Dustin Smith download
04 Kingdom of God as Gospel with Anthony Buzzard download
05 Kingdom Lifestyle with Daniel Fitzsimmons download
Conditional Immortality (heaven & hell)
06 The Truth about Heaven with Steve Taylor download
07 The Truth about Hell with John Cortright download
08 The History of Hell with John Roller download
Salvation and Perseverance
09 Easy Believism with Jason Benedict download
10 Conditional Salvation with Bob Mathieson download
11 The Grace Trap with Vince Finnegan download
12 The Psychology of Salvation with Mary Ann Yaconis download
13 How to Get Saved with Greg Deuble download
14 Churchology vs. Christianity with Matt Elton download
Various Topics
15 The Rapture with Delroy Gayle download
16 Jesus the Messiah with Richard Elton download
17 Resurrection with Joe Martin download
God and Jesus (Christian monotheism)
18 The Shema with Brian Kelly download
19 The Great Shift with Alex Hall download
20 The Arian Controversy with Alex Hall download
21 Is the Trinity Necessary for Salvation with J. Dan Gill download
22 A Journey to Monotheism with Nathan Crowder download
23 Is the Trinity Biblical with Patrick Navas download
24 Implications of Monotheism with Danny Dixon download
25 Monotheism Makes Sense with George Littler download
26 The Restitution of Jesus Christ with “Servetus” download
Various Topics
27 Law and Sabbath with Anthony Buzzard download
28 Objections to Conditional Immortality Answered with David Burge download

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16 Responses to Audio Downloads

  1. Chuck says:

    I really want to enjoy all of your downloads on my IPod. Where do I find the IPod downloads.
    Have enjoyed them so much. I have played some of them four times just to make sure I understand what is said. Much of this is new to me coming from a baptist background

  2. sean says:

    Hey Chuck,

    Thank you for the kind and encouraging note. To access the show through iTunes, search for Truth Matters or just click here. Do let me know if I can answer further questions.

  3. Chuck says:

    Please ask the speakers to slow down a little. They give so much for me to think about it’s hard to follow at such a fast pace. Also at time they are a little hard to understand at such a fast rate. Thank again for your web site.

  4. Xavier says:

    Listen Anthony Buzzard debate the Messianic Jew, Dr. Michael Brown at 3pm EST:

  5. I am sorry please forgive me it has been a long day,I LOVE all of you and was looking for a fellowship near BALTIMORE for my daughter and ended up linking here.The WORD endues forever.When I saw some of the dates of the posts I felt as if there was some neglect on the part of my brothers and sisters in Christ.LOL Lots of Love from the LORD our GOD Above. gw

  6. Min. A. Shelton says:

    If Christ is not God, how could He: receive worship, forgive sins, be sinless, raise Himself from the grave and prexist time and creation? Please help me understand.

    • Jesus receives worship as our human lord but not as God. Note carefully that the Bible teaches that God has made Jesus both lord and Messiah and that all will confess Jesus as lord to the glorify of God the Father (the Father is identified as the only God in 1 Corinthians 8:6 and John 17:3). So, in other words, giving worship to Jesus as our king is appropriate because it was God who authorized such worship and all glory will ultimately go to God (see 1 Corinthians 15).

      Jesus forgave sins because God authorized him to do so. Jesus was sinless because he chose never to sin. Unlike Adam, Jesus never gave into temptation. Jesus didn’t raise himself from the dead. The Scripture is clear that God raised Jesus from the dead. Finally, the passages that appear to portray Jesus as existing before creation can be interpreted other ways.

      You might not be convinced but the Unitarian model makes way more sense than the Trinitarian or Modalist models. For more, check out (Sean’s site) or (my site).

    • George Smith says:

      Because God granted him the authority to do so.

  7. kimber ann pierre says:

    Mary was not the “mother of god” nor was Jesus a bastard child, born out of wedlock by way of rape. Instead, Mary who was married to Joseph, was asked by the angel for permission to carry the Christ child, gave her consent and the miracle of conception occurred without sex BUT using her husband Joseph’s seed (sperma). The miracle wasn’t that Mary conceived without sperm but without sex. Thus, Jesus was born the Christ, the son of Man and it wasn’t until his baptism that he was revealed to be the Son of God “sent”. That revelation drove him into isolation for 40 days and nights to come to terms, obviously with returned memories of his pre-existence. Not as “god” but as the SON of God.

  8. lance Bunton says:

    God Himself introduces Jesus as His Son at His babtist and also on Mt Sinia when He takes 3 apostles with Him. ” This is my Son ”
    P R O O F from God Himself

  9. Jonathan says:

    I was raised a jw, although I was never baptised.
    Until last month when I accidentally saw Anthony Buzzard on youtube preaching to two jws (a video I can’t find), I thought jws were as true to the bible as you could get (mainly because they don’t preach the trinity or that “everyone” goes to heaven instead of being resurrected where they belong)… I’ve learned much since that date to show me that they only hint at the beauty of the true message of Jesus.

    I’m attempting to show 3 people in my family who are jws that there is only ONE hope (Eph 4 v 4) and only one class of Christians… That the “other sheep” mentioned in John are Anointed Christians of EXACTLY the same kind as the Little Flock.

    One hope, one body (Eph 4 v 4) – Not two.

    A podcast on this topic (or a direction to a video or audio which can make the case better than a man who has stumbled upon the Truth just this last month for the first time in his life) would be of more help than I can express.

  10. Mike Defiel says:

    Hey Sean: Great stuff! I used to belong to the Way International. Your Podcasts take their unorthodox teachings to the next level. The Bible is making more sense than ever. I’ve been a Christian for about 50 years now and your stuff has cleared up more than a few scriptural discrepancies. Not sure if some of this stuff is going to fly at the Baptist church where I fellowship.

    How to you navigate the waters of turbulent doctrinal waters with the typical church folk. Any podcasts I haven’t seen yet available?

    • sean says:

      Hello Mike,

      Thanks for taking the time to listen. Check out my new podcast at

      • Mike says:

        Sean: Thank for the quick response. Actually I found the Restitutio Podcast first. I’ve listened to about half the episodes. Is there one you’d recommend?

      • sean says:

        For talking to folks about the Trinity, check out my talk “Five Major Problems with the Trinity” audio, video, notes (the audio is about twice as long as the video). Also, you may find the challenge here helpful, since you can print it out and give it to someone.

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