Resurrection with Joe Martin

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Dr. Joe Martin earned his MA in sociology from Arizona State University, a second MA in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and his doctorate from Columbia Theological Seminary. He is the academic dean of the Atlanta Bible College and has been professor of Old Testament for almost twenty years.

The subject focused on the resurrection of Jesus as well as the coming resurrection of the people of God. Dr. Martin explains the Old Testament underpinnings of the idea of resurrection and demonstrates conclusively that the biblical idea is incompatible with the pagan notion of the immortal soul. By comparing Jesus’ death with that of Socrates, we are able to see that, for Christians, death is not a friend to be greeted with kindness, but the bitterest of enemies. Furthermore, Dr. Martin points out that a good deal of modern scholarship is moving in this direction, which means that people are coming to understand with more clarity that God is not planning on destroying the earth, rather his goal is to redeem it at the return of Christ. Therefore, as Christians, believers in the resurrection of Jesus and the future resurrection of the righteous, what sort of people are we to be?

2 Responses to Resurrection with Joe Martin

  1. Wilfried says:

    Hi Joe,

    The fight for the truth!

    I agree with you. With our insight in the bible we are much in the minority. It seams to me, that for every block put into the net we get three trinitarian onslaughts. It is a spiritual battle.

    You could not have convinced Saul of Tarsus about Jesus to be lord and Messiah by reason.

    After his conversion Saul would have liked to convert the people by reasonable arguments, but Jesus in a vision appeared to the young convert in the temple at Jerusalem and urged him to leave the City quickly, for they would not receive his witness and testimony.

    It seams he did not follow Jesus’ call to the distant nations, but disputed with the Greek speaking Jews from abroad at Jerusalem. After they plotted to kill him, the apostles took him and moved him abroad, sending him with a ship to Tarsus. There God had to prepare him to learn how to listen carefully to the leading of his spirit.

    I do not want to say that we should not speak the truth. We should. Yet we depend on the grace of God to draw the people to Jesus and open their eyes to see the truth.

    I am blessed by your article. God bless you,


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