The Kingdom of God as Gospel with Sir Anthony Buzzard

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Sir Anthony Buzzard was born in Surrey, England and educated at Oxford University and later at Bethany Theological Seminary in Chicago. He holds Master’s degrees in both languages and theology. He came to the USA with his wife and daughters in 1981 and has taught Bible at Atlanta Bible College since then. He has a number of books including The Coming Kingdom of the Messiah and Our Fathers Who Aren’t in Heaven.

The gospel preached in churches usually only includes the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. However, Jesus never even mentioned his death and resurrection until the 16th chapter of Matthew, yet he and his disciples were out preaching the gospel tirelessly prior to this. So, if the original gospel did not include the information about Jesus’ death for our sins, then what was he preaching about?

Sir Anthony Buzzard shares from his vast biblical knowledge to help us uncover the missing foundation of the Christian gospel–the kingdom of God. In fact, Jesus (like John the Baptist) was a kingdom gospel preacher. Then after he died and was raised, this new information was added onto the existing gospel of the kingdom. Sadly, in modern Christianity, there is an endemic tendency to jettison the foundation of the gospel by solely focusing on Jesus’ death for our sins. Thus, we are left with a gutted gospel. Listen in as we probe the Scriptures (and the Gospels in particular) to sort out the whole saving gospel.

If you would like to contact Sir Anthony Buzzard, you can email him at this address:

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