Living Hope Community Church

Living Hope Community Church sponsored Truth Matters while it was broadcasted on WHAZ. If you live near Albany, NY please visit us any Sunday at 10:30 am. Also, you can call us at 518-785-8888 or visit our ministry website at or jump in on the discussion at our blog.

458 Old Niskayuna Rd
Latham, NY 12110 USA
(right behind Peter Harris Plaza on Rt. 7)

5 Responses to Living Hope Community Church

  1. Bud Charbonneau says:

    This radio program was terrific!!!!!!! For being NEW at this type of witnessing it was such a fabulous program! My only complaint is that the show was too SHORT. I know it is alot of work to produce even a 30 minute show and that everybody involved has to put in a great deal of their time….but their end product is so good I just wish it would go on for another 30 minutes. Well done folks, whoever you are. God has blessed you with another wonderful way to reach out!!!!! Keep it up and don’t ever think about stopping!!!


  3. Tom Askey says:

    I am looking for believers to fellowship with in Edinburg, TX. None are listed on the web site for my area. 956-587-2220

  4. Xavier says:


    Robin and Marisa Todd of Lacey, Washington have started a new work for biblical unitarian believers in the western U.S. It is called the Scattered Brethren Network. There are two groups, one for the *northwestern states and another for the *southwest. This is a way that those who are too far away from an established congregation can have some fellowship. It was born out of Robin and Marisa’s desire to reach out to others who share their own geographical limitations for fellowship.

    This work is in its infancy and its methods simple for now. Robin sends out a group email every couple of weeks to keep in touch with fellow believers and to provide news, information, and prayer requests. From his website ( he posts a list of those cities and towns where members live, so that others can view the list and request further contact with fellow believers in their area. From the website you can access articles written by the members as well as information about biblical unitarian ministries offered in the region. In addition, Robin intends to bring up a discussion board very soon. There has been a lot of enthusiasm and growth in these groups so far, and if the work continues to grow there may be plans for regional Scattered Brethren Conferences.

    The beliefs that are held in common by those in the group are fairly straightforward: 1) There is only One Person who is God, that is Yahweh, the Father; 2) Jesus is the Son of God, not God the Son; 3) the gospel is primarily the good news of the future Kingdom of God on this earth which will be ushered in at the return of Jesus when he raises the faithful dead from their graves; and 4) issues of food and calendar are not prerequisites of salvation or fellowship.

    Jesus prayed to the Father that his followers might be one just as he and the Father are one. The *NW and *SW Scattered Brethren Networks are efforts to contribute to this end. It is an essential part of the Kingdom commission.

    If you would like to be a part of either of these networks, just contact Robin by email or phone. Phone is (360) 701-9219. Email is
    *Note: NW Scattered Brethren Network includes states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and British Columbia, Canada.

    SW Scattered Brethren Network includes states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, and Utah.

  5. sarah smith says:

    I recently heard of your talk radio. I love it! I listened to Nathan Crowders journey to monotheism today. Sounds alot like my story. I was a blind Trinitarian all my life, until 3 years ago. I was involved in a large Baptist church and I became so hungry for God! I wanted to be a better wife, mother and person. I wanted to be an example to others. More I studied, the more the Truth in scripture was revealed! To say the least I was devastated! I am now a Biblical Unitarian. I quit just listening and looked for myself! God truly opened my eyes and tranformed my mind. Rom 12:2
    Blessing to all,
    Sarah, Alabama

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