Objections to Conditional Immortality Answered with David Burge

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David Burge is the pastor of the Takanini Church of Christ in Auckland, New Zealand. He also leads the Advent Christian Conference of New Zealand and the Conditional Immortality Association of New Zealand (www.afterlife.co.nz). He has researched, written, and spoken extensively on the topic of conditional immortality (the belief that dead people are asleep until the resurrection at the return of Christ).

Conditional immortality has already been discussed in these previous shows:

In this episode, rather than asking David to present a positive case for this doctrine, I pummeled him with difficult verses for him to explain. Amazingly, time after time, he was able to show where the misunderstanding was, and how to interpret each sensibly. Verses discussed include:

  1. Luke 16.19-31
  2. Luke 23.43
  3. 2 Corinthians 5.8
  4. Philippians 1.23
  5. Revelation 6.9-11
  6. Revelation 14.11
  7. Revelation 20.10

Also, as of right now David is fighting for his life against acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Please pray for him, his wife, and their eight children. Updates about him can be found here.

7 Responses to Objections to Conditional Immortality Answered with David Burge

  1. Michael says:


    I have recently addressed many of the assertions made by Mr. Burge, and the doctrine of conditional immortality in an article entitled “The Immortality of the Human Soul.” You can find that article at onenesspentecostal.net. Thanks

  2. Ben says:


    What meaning, if any, do you give to the biblical terms of “destruction, death” etc?

  3. […] I have been posting regular updates at our Prayer Center from his wife’s blog. David’s website is all about conditional immortality and is called afterlife.co.nz. His email is dburge@slingshot.co.nz. A while back I interviewed him for Truth Matters. […]

  4. Rick C. says:

    Greetings from Ohio, USA,

    Yesterday I found your site and listened to all of Sean’s interviews. I found them quite helpful not only for myself, but for some friends of mine who have been asking me things like “What happens when we die?” One of them is a non-believer, who has been really turned off by the traditional view of hell, which he was taught is true.

    I enjoyed the interviews so much that I wanted to thank David. He taught some things I’ve been very curious about.

    I wrote to him to thank him and to say I will be praying for him (just about an hour or so ago, it is still July 4th in the USA). Then, I saw an update given by his wife, Tarnya, that David’s labours are now through….

    As I was writing her again to express my condolences, she was writing to me. She said it was encouraging to know David’s work continues to be a blessing. And I am sure it will be, as I intend to share what I’ve learned. I’ve already given links to this page to several folks.

    I just felt like I should say something about these things and will be in prayer for the David Burge Family.

    Thank you very much.

  5. […] Posted on January 11, 2010 by afterlifecia Sean Finnegan  interviewed  David Burge for the  Truth Matters website on the topic of Objections to Conditional […]

  6. […] Posted on January 11, 2010 by afterlifecia Sean Finnegan  interviewed  David Burge for the  Truth Matters website on the topic of Objections to Conditional […]

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