Kingdom Lifestyle with Daniel Fitzsimmons

February 1, 2009

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Daniel Fitzsimmons is currently a senior at the University of Albany where he studies investigative journalism with a concentration on international relations. Dan shares about what it means to live out the kingdom lifestyle in a college environment. When I asked him, “How does the kingdom affect your lifestyle?” he replied, “It doesn’t affect any part of your life, it is your life. Everything is different.”

Throughout the course of our discussion Dan was courageously transparent in sharing his own past experiences with the college lifestyle and how God has helped him to realize that following Jesus needs to be taken as a serious priority. Furthermore, Dan makes an emotional appeal to those who grew up Christian but now rationalize their belligerent rebellion by saying, “I have time to change; God will forgive me.”

A primary theme that resurfaced several times was how being a kingdom citizen should affect how we live here and now, even before Jesus returns to establish God’s kingdom on earth. Listen in to this show to hear not only a stimulating theological discussion but also how belief in the kingdom can affect our daily lives in radical ways.