Off the Air

A few weeks ago I received the following note from the Christian talk-radio station that was broadcasting Truth Matters each Sunday morning.

Dear Pastor Sean Finnegan;

This is to inform you that we will not be renewing our agreement with Living Hope International Ministries for the program entitled, “Truth Matters.” It has come to our attention that our “statement of faith” does not agree with your doctrinal beliefs.

This occurred shortly after Nathan Crowder’s show, “A Journey to Monotheism,” had aired. However, by then I had already recorded the next three shows and had even finished producing the episode with Patrick Navas. The Sunday that Patrick’s show was supposed to air Truth Matters was replaced with Truths that Transform by the deceased Dr. D. James Kennedy. Even so, I was able to convince the radio station to air Patrick’s show the next week because they had accidentally repeated a show earlier in the year due to a computer glitch (thus they technically owed us one more airing). As a result, the next Sunday Patrick’s show, “Is the Trinity Biblical?,” did air, though unfortunately it was the last show to broadcast.

Even though I knew that the radio station would eventually kick us off, and was frankly surprised that we lasted this long, it still stings to be censored. I do hope that in the future these shows may be aired on another Christian radio station, but even if not I believe they are a valuable contribution to the recovery of biblical Christianity which is occurring in our time. Do feel free to pass on these mp3s to your friends, pastors, and neighbors.

Subsequent shows will be released on this website but not aired on WHAZ.

20 Responses to Off the Air

  1. Matt says:


    I’ve recently come across this site and find the shows very interesting. I think it’s totally unacceptable for people to be censoring you. I think they should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Xavier says:

    its disgusting and to be expected at the same time…is there anyway we can get some type of petition going? or at least somewhere else where we can air our disgust??

    it was good while it lasted…

  3. sean says:


    I’m pretty sure that since the radio station is privately owned they are free to deny anyone they like from airing.

    On another note, congratulations on getting married! I do hope you can sort out the immigration issues soon and get back to your lovely wife. I’m off to start uni in less than a month.

  4. Xavier says:

    thanx bro

    am back in Uni meself, cannot even enter the US for the time being, hopefully next year if we sort out the immigrant visa fiasco.

  5. sean says:

    Wow…it takes that long to sort it out? Doesn’t marrying a US citizen automatically give you entry to the US? This must be very hard for you.

  6. Xavier says:

    thats what we thought, i need to be petitioned as an immigrant, process takes as long as 12mths!!

    very tough for sarah, she’s going back on the 23rd…alone!

  7. Frank D says:

    Sean, I assume you were not given the opportunity to discuss your beliefs?

    Any idea what your audience metrics were? Did the station receive feedback/complaints from listeners? Did they have higher or lower listenership during your time slot? Was there advertising involved or is it listener supported radio? Did it cause more traffic here (both pro and con)?

    Just wondering how popular your show was.

  8. sean says:

    Hi Frank,

    The radio station I was on did not subscribe to a rating service so they had no idea who was listening other than from people who called in. I was curious to hear what exactly went down but they weren’t forthcoming and I didn’t have a desire to press the issue. The only thing I know is how many people download the show from the web. The top ten are available on the link at the top of this page to give you an idea of how many downloads occurred per show since January.

  9. Lawrence says:

    Good afternoon Pastor Sean

    After reading this I feel a great desire from deep within to worship God. God is using you to spread the truth. Your cancellation is a direct assault by satan to stop the truth, which means the truth is spreading. The scriptures that teach about rejoicing for being counted worthy to suffer for the gospel come to mind. Absolute truth is the only way to get satan to show himself and expose his plans. Without absolute truth satan can hide within the darkness of deception and ignorance. Be encouraged an continue to fight fo the truth. God is a god of truth and he desires that we worship him in spirit and in truth. We must love truth like we love living. God bless you and your family. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you into all truth and raise up more believers to spread it. There cannot be a falling away until there is something to fall away from. God bless,

    • Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. Eph 5.15-17

  10. Jaco says:


    A while ago I contacted you on It was in such a difficult time for me. As a very devout and wholehearted JW, I suddenly felt the “walls came tumbling down.” As most other JWs I was isolated from any exposure to outside sources of Biblical nature. After getting into confrontation with Watchtower policy, dogma and oppression, I desperately needed somewhere to go. My Father and my Saviour didn’t fail me. By means of this site, the kingdomready site, as well as christianmonotheism and restorationfellowship websites I managed to stay alive spiritually while recovering from the emotional bruises inflicted by cultist shackles. I thank you for your part in my recovery, brother. From your own experiences with former JWs and the show with bro. Faircloth, I could sense your sensitivity toward so many who used to suffer under merciless Watchtower oppression.

    But we’re in a war that is bound to be victorious. This is not defeat, brother. Since Yahweh God and His Majesty the Messiah is with us, who stands a chance in fighting against us? I hope that, in spite of the studying you’ll be doing, we’ll still hear much of you. I hope to hear more of your debates. Hopefully, God willing, will I be joining that kind of ministry in my part of the world.

    My prayers for Jah’s richest blessing accompany you, brother.

    In Christ,


  11. sean says:


    Thank you for the kind words. It is certainly very encouraging to hear that I was able to help you in your time of need. May God be praised.

  12. Frank D says:

    Sean, I guess Jacob answered very clearly that popularity on the airwaves doesn’t matter. It is the planting of seeds in one single heart at a time. Thank you, as well, for being a searcher for truth.

    You and Jacob our in my prayers.

  13. Will tyndale says:

    Hey, this was posted on an xjw forum, the bible truths presented need to be championed by those of us who know them we need to helpthe xjws all of us an pitch in give Anthony a hand, they are accepting audience participation

    Richard Rawe is arranging a public discussion on whether Jesus Christ had a pre-human existence. The discussion will be on Saturday, May 8, beginning at 2 PM (EDT), 1 PM (CDT), noon (MDT) and 11 AM (PDT) and continuing for at least two hours.

    Anthony Buzzard of Atlanta Bible College (Church of God, Faith of Abraham – the group Benjamin Wilson of the Emphatic Diaglott was associated with) will advocate that Jesus did not personally pre-exist.
    James Parkinson of California an elder with the Bible Students will advocate that Jesus did indeed have a pre-human existence.

    As tentatively planned, each will have a half hour presentation, followed by 10-15 minutes of dialog questions, and then followed by open lines for anyone to ask questions.

    If anyone would like to listen in and/or participate, first dial (218) 486-1616, then when told to enter the ID number use 771057 followed by the pound sign (#). Later, in the second hour, instructions will be given how to unmute, in order to be heard one at a time.

  14. Xavier says:

    Just got word that the debate is actually on May 15, next Saturday.

  15. Terry says:

    Sean….I’m blessed with the fact that your Truth Matters internet site was not removed so that the biblically accurate message remains, that Jesus Christ is NOT God….he is the Son of God. That the accuracy of this position does not depend on the trinitarian position of “One must accept the trinity on faith, for it is a mystery or it is difficult to explain”. The “world’s (orthodox) view of what Christianity is makes the trinity as the root. The god of this world uses this belief system as one of the many tools in his tool box to stear people away from worshipping the only True God. Unfortunately for those who continue to choose to believe in this belief system, the following scripture rings out loud and clear:
    Matthew 7:13-16
    “Enter you in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leads to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat;
    because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way which leads unto life and few there be that find it.
    Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. You shall know them by their fruits.”

  16. Melvin says:

    Have you considered having a youtube account and uploading you interviews to youtube? I know these are audio recordings not video, but many audio only “videos” (with maybe a picture) are put on youtube all the time.

    Now, there is a 15 minutes limit, but you could always split the interview into parts).

    Patrick’s show, “Is the Trinity Biblical?” would be a good start. Lots of trinity debate going in youtube land.

    Just a thought.


    • Sean says:


      That’s a great idea. Sadly, right now, I don’t have the time to do that. However, I would be delighted if anyone else wanted to do it.

      grace & peace

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