Kingdom of God with Victor Gluckin

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Victor Gluckin expertly navigates through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation stopping at critical points along the way in order to elucidate the primary theme of all Scripture: the kingdom of God. Victor has a B.A. from the University at Albany (SUNY) in history and Judaic studies. He also attended Atlanta Bible College where he studied theology. Now he serves as one of the pastors at Living Faith Christian Church in Warwick, RI.

Victor talks about the twin pillars of the Old Testament without which one is sure to lose his way while journeying through the pages of Scripture–the promises made to Abraham and David. To Abraham, God swore that his descendants would receive the land. To David, God made a covenant, that one of his lineage would sit upon the throne and rule forever. These two grand promises converge when one arrives at the first verse of the New Testament–Matthew 1.1. Jesus the Messiah is descended from Abraham and David and is God’s chosen one to ruler over the land, which he calls “the kingdom of God.” Listen to this podcast to discover the missing link which joins together both Old and New Testaments, both the prophets and Jesus, both the messianic Psalms and the epistles into one coherent whole, one grand narrative of paradise lost and how God through the course of redemptive history plans to at last make everything wrong with the world right.

3 Responses to Kingdom of God with Victor Gluckin

  1. Anthony Buzzard says:

    What a joy to hear such a wonderful presentation of Kingdom Gospel truth from you both. At last the truth of the Kingdom of God coming on earth at the return of Jesus gets the prominence it deserves. In church circles the KIngdom has been submerged under a pile of vague promises of “heaven” as a supercelestial residence for disembodied souls. There are many of us Kingdom lovers who are thrilled to hear this lucid account of the Christian Gospel. Why does this matter? How right you are to say that all this matters because it matters supremely to Jesus whose whole purpose was to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom (Luke 4:43). Keep up your wonderful work in the Lord. Make the saving Gospel of the Kingdom of GOd known everywhere (Matt. 24:14).

  2. Mark says:

    Is this the same Kingdom as the one spoken of in John 3:3 and John 3:5. If so what do you understand from scripture the term ‘born again’, as it is a key requirement for entry in this Kingdom.

  3. michael cheslock says:

    This is very exciting. Our group is growing in our understanding. What you have done is open our eyes even more! Thanks.
    Living victoriously,

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