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Truth Matters was a radio show hosted by Sean Finnegan that broadcasted on WHAZ in the Capital Region of New York from January to July of 2009. The purpose of the show was to pursue biblical truth no matter where it leads. This was done through interviews and conversations with guests. The show aired each Sunday morning at 9:00a.m. on any of the following dial positions:

WHAZ AM 1330
Albany, Rensselaer, Troy,

WBAR FM 94.7
Glens Falls, Lake George, Saratoga

WMYY FM 97.3
Schenectady, Schoharie, Pittsfield

WHAZ FM 97.5
Hoosick Falls, Bennington, North Adams

WMNV FM 104.1
Manchester, Rutland, Whitehall

To read a short explanation of why Truth Matters was taken off the air click here. Thankfully, all of the shows are still available for download on this website and via podcast.

5 Responses to About

  1. Gregg in California says:

    Hey Sean: I love the show even if those who are chained to the errors of tradition do not. I look to listen each week and know that The Father of Truth will bless and magnify your efforts as you speak His Truth…why?, because Truth Matters, that’s why!
    I applaud your work and know that we are beginning a small fellowship here in Northern California because the Gospel need to be presented to whoever will listen. I would love to see you devote more shows to the unfolding of the Gospel of the coming Kingdom of Our God and His Messiah…what amazing new that truly is. Lord Bless you mightily, my brother! ~Gregg Prettyman in Elk Grove

  2. sean says:


    So nice to hear from you. I remember with fondness our time together at the Theo two years ago. I spoke with Brian last week and had a great chat. I’m really excited that you guys connected and that you have a home group in northern CA. Also, thanks for the kind words. Shows on the gospel of the kingdom include the following:

    What Is the Kingdom of God with Victor Gluckin
    Objections to the Kingdom with Dustin Smith
    The Kingdom of God as Gospel with Anthony Buzzard
    Kingdom Lifestyle with Daniel Fitzsimmons

  3. pastor omare says:

    Beloved in Christ,

    Receive many Christians greetings in the precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus. It si indeed good to be able to know you and to learn of the common faith that we do share which was once delivered into the saints. Once again ,I thank God for directing us unto you and your church for closer relationship. Your teachings and believes are very sound and inspirational that we yarn to be laid and founded in.Grateful to God for calling you to the ministry and making you instrumental to its end.

    We arer requesting for much of your of your prayers to many of our people that they may grow more and more in the sound teachings of your ministry and hence help us get more books and teachings materials.

    May God’s blessing be upon you as you labor in the ministry and as you seek to partner with us in Kenya . Looking forward for your response soon.

    Pastor omare

  4. John says:

    Seventh day truth…

    The seventh day was blessed and called holy at creation as part of creation itself which was called very good by it’s Creator. This was before sin was in the world which means it has nothing to do with the shadows, which were instituted after creation as a result of sin.

    The seventh day is blessed and happy time, a time to celebrate and gather as a people of God to partake of the gifts bestowed by God for the church. It was protected by Law for this very reason and purpose.

    The Law on stone was given because of transgression. This means that before the Law on stone was given the people were already committing these sinful acts. Cain committed murder before the Law on stone and so on.

    The fact that God called the seventh day holy, blessed and sanctifed before sin was in the world tells us it’s special to God.

    The Law protected the seventh day in that it tells us to remember to keep it holy and special. Because of the Law, religious man placed many burdens on the Sabbath. When Jesus came He removed all the misconceptions the religious Jews had regarding the Sabbath. Jesus also removed all the burdens which had been place on the Sabbath because of ritualism and legalism withing the religious people in Jesus’ day. Jesus never once did away with the seventh day Sabbath nor did He change the day to another day. Jesus makes many statements such as how the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath and how He is Lord of the Sabbath. These are not words that eliminate the seventh day Sabbath, but rather, they confirm the Sabbath.

    Remember, we have an adversary who is trying to do away with anything that glorifies God in His creation.

    For more truth about these things visit http://www.looking4jesus.com/index.html

  5. Bud Coburn says:


    I just stumbled on these podcasts. Any plans to put out new ones>

    Collinsville, OK

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