Why Truth Matters with Richard Wilkinson

to listen to this show click here.

This inaugural show divides roughly into two sections. The first part Richard Wilkinson talks about why biblical truth is important by telling his story of conversion. While at medical school in Scotland he was educated in chaos and despair and found himself at the end of his rope. Then he took drastic action–he moved to the USA to be near a Christian community. Even then, it would take several years before God finally got his attention and incontrovertibly revealed himself so that Richard found himself unmistakably transformed. This testimony serves as the background to our discussion about biblical truth.

The second half of the show taps into Richard’s forensic science background to give some insight into how one can investigate competing biblical interpretations. Since he is studying forensic science at the University of Albany (SUNY), he is able to bring a unique perspective to sniffing out deception and exonerating truth. Listen in as we discuss how to discern biblical doctrine from deception.

One Response to Why Truth Matters with Richard Wilkinson

  1. Terry says:

    I was involved with a research & teaching ministry that was centered in Ohio. I won’t refer to the precise name of this ministry, for obvious reasons. However, I am sure some of those who post on Truth Matters are very familiar with the ministry that I am referring to. Although this ministry, I believe gave me a great foundation in God’s Word, they had their issues in terms of beliefs that stretched the Truth a bit. The audio interview with Richard Wilkinson struck a nerve within me, in that the ministry that I’m referring to manifested the same issues as other ministries have. The depth of “why Truth matters” is a principle theme in discerning whether or not a ministry really is willing to change its belief system in order to humbly and without pride seek out and arrive closer to what God’s Word and Will really is, opposed to “mark and avoid”, excommunicate and/or kick out someone who questions whether what that ministry, church or organization teaches is accurate, or just assumption. Pride, arrogance, along with a bit of narcissism, among other things has led to the serious wounds that it has brought upon itself and the people that were once involved with it. This ministry prided itself in getting back to the accuracy of the Word, yet, heaven forbid if someone questioned openly its teachings concerning the original sin, once-saved-always-saved and speaking in tongues, just to name a few. Richard Wilkinson communicates a great point when it comes to seeking out the Truth and why it matters, as this applies to BOTH an entire ministry and as an individual believer. Being meek, being humble must always be at the forfront of gaining the accuracy of the wisdom and knowledge of God and His Word. Great interview!

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