The Restitution of Jesus Christ with Servetus the Evangelical

August 26, 2009

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“Servetus the Evangelical” is the pseudonym for an evangelical scholar who recently published a book called The Restitution of Jesus Christ in which he describes who God and Jesus are from a biblical unitarian perspective including exegesis of several texts typically used to teach that Jesus is God (i.e. John 1.1; 20.28; etc.). Though he has been a Bible-believing evangelical all his adult life he began to question the doctrine of the Trinity when he couldn’t make sense of certain Scriptures within a trinitarian mindset. In particular Matthew 24.36 (also Mark 13.32) convinced him that Jesus was not omniscient since he confessed that he did not know when he would return. Texts like this began “Servetus” on a quest for truth which ended in his confession of the historic creed of the people of God that Yahweh alone is God (Deut. 6.4; Mark 12.29) and that Jesus is the human Messiah divinely begotten by God via the Holy Spirit.

“Servetus” has a website at which many articles are free for download including this tract which describes in a couple of pages what his research on God and Jesus has revealed. Furthermore, there is a contest on to guess his identity. Since 2008 he has revealed a clue each month. He will continue to do this until 2011 (the 500th birthday of Michael Servetus) when he will reveal his identity and publish a new book about his personal journey. Listen in to this conversation to hear the mysterious “Servetus the Evangelical” describe why he changed his views on these critical matters. (Thanks to JP Smajda–audio engineer extraordinaire–for his help in disguising Servetus’ voice).

Off the Air

August 11, 2009

A few weeks ago I received the following note from the Christian talk-radio station that was broadcasting Truth Matters each Sunday morning.

Dear Pastor Sean Finnegan;

This is to inform you that we will not be renewing our agreement with Living Hope International Ministries for the program entitled, “Truth Matters.” It has come to our attention that our “statement of faith” does not agree with your doctrinal beliefs.

This occurred shortly after Nathan Crowder’s show, “A Journey to Monotheism,” had aired. However, by then I had already recorded the next three shows and had even finished producing the episode with Patrick Navas. The Sunday that Patrick’s show was supposed to air Truth Matters was replaced with Truths that Transform by the deceased Dr. D. James Kennedy. Even so, I was able to convince the radio station to air Patrick’s show the next week because they had accidentally repeated a show earlier in the year due to a computer glitch (thus they technically owed us one more airing). As a result, the next Sunday Patrick’s show, “Is the Trinity Biblical?,” did air, though unfortunately it was the last show to broadcast.

Even though I knew that the radio station would eventually kick us off, and was frankly surprised that we lasted this long, it still stings to be censored. I do hope that in the future these shows may be aired on another Christian radio station, but even if not I believe they are a valuable contribution to the recovery of biblical Christianity which is occurring in our time. Do feel free to pass on these mp3s to your friends, pastors, and neighbors.

Subsequent shows will be released on this website but not aired on WHAZ.