How to Get Saved with Greg Deuble

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Greg Deuble was born in Queensland, Australia. He graduated from the Churches of Christ N.S.W. Bible College in Sydney and had pastoral ministries in New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. Greg has conducted many evangelistic meetings in a wide variety of settings in all of the Australian states except Western Australia. As he searched the Scriptures he became increasingly convinced that the gospel he and others were preaching didn’t sound like what Jesus preached in the Gospels. As a result, he embarked on a journey that led him to peer under every doctrinal stone and repeatedly carry out the Berean exercise in order to discover the truth.

In this episode we focus on what one needs to believe in order to become saved. Is the gospel solely a matter of believing in Jesus’ death for our sins? Is it solely about God’s dream to redeem the whole world when his Son returns? Greg shares with us what he has discovered in this inspiring and biblical conversation, or as he would put it, “chin wag.”

4 Responses to How to Get Saved with Greg Deuble

  1. Terry says:

    Part truths are fine….but…really? Does this interview really get to the exactness of how one receives salvation? No. What happened to the precepts of Romans 10:9-10? The word “shall” is a strong word in verse 9. Two aspects: Confess that Jesus Christ is your Lord, and believe that God raised him from the dead. From that point on, the faith that we established as a result of confessing and believing that Jesus Christ is our Lord, is on trial to the end. This is scriptural. There are then rules of enduring “the race” to the finish line. Sean, again, I’m surprised that you did not bring this up in the interview. Mindful of the name “Jesus”, it’s important that we include the power behind that name, “Jesus Christ” from a horizontal perspective; “Christ Jesus” from a vertical ascended perspective.

    • lisa truitt says:

      I think he didn’t bring it up because that was not the focus of this podcast. The focus was on the missing part of what gets preached today which is what we are saved from and what it means to have everlasting life. We are saved from everlasting death and instead of being put to death like we all deserve those of us who believe on Christ will receive immortal bodies and live forever with Christ in a paradise kingdom on earth.

  2. Ed says:

    Someone needs to expose Greg as the false teacher he is. This is the gospel?

    His words: answering the question at 17:11 “God has this purpose and one day its going to be brought to be when he brings Jesus His exalted Son back to this earth to reign as the King. And all who have lived in the mean time as citizens of that coming kingdom and demonstrated in their whole life and morals and in their whole character and attitude and value system , their whole world view, if you like, that they really are longing for this coming kingdom for this coming reign of God on earth. That we will enter into the purpose and plan of God at the consummation or fullness of time when this occurs. That’s the Christian Gospel message. What must I do to be saved? I have to prepare myself now for this coming reality and this coming glorious reign of God on earth.”

    Its a bunch of jibberrish and double-talk which amounts to distraction from the truth and the need for our sins to be dealt with. He has displaced the true message of the cross and clouded it in general “longing for the kingdom” and “preparing yourself.”

    Living morally, having character, a good attitude and world view are simply not going to get you saved. God must transform you through the new birth as you place your faith in the work of his Son, the LORD JESUS CHRIST – Raised from the Dead, to include repentance from your SIN which was paid for in his death.

  3. Terry says:

    Lisa… It’s been quite awhile since I listened to the podcast “How to Get Saved” (almost 2 years!), so I’d have to listen to it again. However, given the title, I would think that it would include just exactly how does one get saved and thereby receive eternal life. What I should have included as well is the verse in 1st John 4:15— confessing that Jesus is the SON of God, which coincides with Romans 10:9-10. When the Word tells us “thou shalt be saved”, the question also comes up, “Saved from what?”. Further, just what does the word salvation mean? As an initial response, and keeping things in context, being saved is being saved from the wrath to come… God’s wrath which follows the departure of God’s True Church. Salvation equates to the same meaning as being saved. Eternal life is the end result of being saved or receiving salvation. So…. we are saved or receive salvation as a consequence to our faith, from the wrath, and as a reward for that faith… for enduring, holding steadfast in the faith, we receive the “Crown of Life” which is eternal life.

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