A Slight Interuption

March 2, 2009

Two weeks ago there was a glitch in the radio programming which played episode 6, The Truth about Heaven with Steve Taylor two weeks in a row. By that time I had already finished the next two shows and set them to auto post on the appropriate dates on this website. However, it was a bit awkward because the website was a week ahead of the actual radio show. Therefore, we are delaying the website for one week (last Sunday no new show) so that the two can be synchronized. This is particularly helpful for people who listen on the radio and then check out the website to comment on the show they just heard. Sorry for the interruption in continuity, but be assured, next week we will have a riveting show concerning salvation called Easy Believism with Jason Benedict, so stay tuned.

Getting Ready to Air

December 18, 2008

Well, there are only two weeks left until our first show airs on the alive radio network (WHAZ) in upstate NY. Things are really coming together. We already have raw recordings for three shows and one more is scheduled for later today. Of course, there is a lot of editing to be done in order to get the shows down to the required 29 minutes for radio. Also, our promo will begin running in a few days and hopefully many people will be intrigued enough to tune in January 4th at 9am to the first show.

Here is a promo I just finished putting together. I think it will be the one to go on the air.